The Last of Us for PC

The Last of Us: Remastered also gives access to all DLC that was in the Season Pass of the original to get. This means a lot of extra skins and weapons in the multiplayer, but especially the sublime Left Behind. In this short story mode you get more insight into the life of Ellie, before she met Joel.

Award-winning developer Naughty Dog (known for the Uncharted-and Jak & Daxter-series) brings the PlayStation 3 blockbuster again to PlayStation 4 with enhanced graphics.

The Norse Joel and the brave teenage girl Ellie must join forces to make the journey through the US unscathed. On the way they explore abandoned cities that have become one with nature, and discover a population that has been thinned by a modern plague. Survivors who kill each other for food has become commonplace. Can you survive this world together?

The Last of Us for PC

-Journey through the remains of a once-powerful America, 20 years after a new plague has transformed most of the population into mindless infected.
-Play as Joel, a survivor of the disaster, and form an unlikely duo with Ellie, who has never known the world for the disaster.
-Exchange stealth with brute action to survive in this ruthless world.
-Multiplayer for 8 players in which you have to work well together.
-From the developers of the Unchartered series.
-including the ‘ Left Behind ‘ content that previously appeared as DLC for the PS3 version, a new level of difficulty, 8 new multiplayermaps and interviews with the development team.
-1080p resolution against 60 FPS.